FASTAXE: Guitar Cleaning Tool

Fast Axe provides a quick and easy solution to properly care for your instrument. Between the strings and body, snug to the bridge and between the pickups, Fast Axe is the guitar strummer’s choice. Keeps Headstock, Fretboard, and Bridge Saddle Pieces clear of grunge and wax build-up allowing your fingers to glide along the neck.


  • The Patented Fast Axe Bristle is made of firm nylon which allows you to clean hard to reach areas and provides a deep cleaning between frets without damage.
  • Bristle removes built up residue between strings allowing wood to breathe and refreshed tone.
  • Firm yet flexible Fast Axe handle and double-sided felt strip clean body of guitar quickly, evenly and thoroughly.
  • Use felt strip for a quick dust or static removal. Add a light spray of polish to remove smudges, fingerprints and residue while adding shine.